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16 Morley Street 2017

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This attractive double bay villa was probably constructed during early-1902. The house is clearly present on DP1826, surveyed in March 1902 to subdivide Town Section 78, and bring the property under the Land Transfer Act. The owner of the property at the time was Mrs Mary Freeth, and the occupier was William Henry Broome, a New Plymouth tailor. 

W. H. Broome married Mary's daughter, Miss Maud Margaret Freeth, during 1902, and it seems that this was the couple's first home. Maud is listed as the ratepayer for the 1903-04 rating year, when the part section with house was valued at £32. A small note in the margin of this rating book states "water to new house last year" - supporting a 1902 construction date. 

The newly married couple didn't remain in the house for long, and soon sold the property to Mrs Lilley. This transaction is noted as occuring during the 1903-04 rating year, and Stones Street Directories then list Lial Lilley as the occupier of the property.

Mary Freeth and her husband lived in the neighbouring home on the corner of Morley and St Aubyn Streets, before later shifting to Vivian Street. 

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