Topic: Wooden Commercial Building, Liardet Street (circa 1890s-1900s)

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Liardet Street Building 2017

                                by Hamish Crimp

This history of this wooden two-storied commercial building is currently unknown, although it was probably constructed sometime in the late 1890s or early 1900s. No references to the building have been found in newspaper articles or building permit registers, and early photographs are almost non-existent. 

The building was likely constructed for either Mrs Johns (owned part section 1896-1898), or Arthur Standish (owned part section 1898-1915).

Whilst the building is now part of Broome's Building on the corner of Liardet and Devon Streets (see linked topic), it was originally a separate structure. 

The street appeal of the building could be greatly enhanced through restoration of the facade and use of a paint colour scheme highlighting facade details.

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Wooden Commercial Building, Liardet Street (circa 1890s-1900s)

City:New Plymouth