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An immaculately restored grand villa on Brooklands Road.

139 Brooklands Road

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The exterior of this grand two-storied villa is in largely original condition - being clad in plain weatherboard and with sash windows. Based on its style, it is estimated to have been constructed in the early 1900s. 

The home may have been constructed for prominent New Plymouth citizen J. W. H. Martin. Martin is known to have owned a 10-roomed house on Brooklands Road from the early 1900s until at least 1919 - whilst he advertised the property for sale or let several times, it still appears to be in his ownership in early 1919.

Martin strongly advocated for the extension of Borough water and power to Brooklands Road, and from his numerous letters to the editor of the Herald and to the Borough Council, we know that his house was located on a corner within several hundred metres of the (old) Avenue Road (Now Coronation Avenue/Tarahua Road) - this is very likely the current corner of Brooklands Road and UpJohn Street, and corresponds with the location of 139 Brooklands Road.

The architect was probably either James Sanderson or Frank Messenger - both of whom constructed a number of two-storied villas around New Plymouth in a style similar to 139 Brooklands Road.

The home is located on part of the original Brooklands Estate, being Part of Suburban Section 48, Fitzroy District - Brooklands was subject to the Land Transfer Act in May 1886. 

The home currently has no heritage classification with NPDC.

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J. W. H Martin Residence, 139 Brooklands Road (circa 1900s)

City:New Plymouth