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6 Weymouth Street 2017

2017 View: By Hamish Crimp

This villa was one of two investment properties constructed on Town Section 19 for coal and firewood merchant Robert Todd between late-1901 and early-1903.

Town Section 19 was originally Education Reserve land, with Robert Todd purchasing the lease of the section (along with nearby Town Sections 13 & 14), from land agent William Courtenay in late-1898. 

The New Plymouth Borough Council Rates Book for 1900-01 notes Todd as the ratepayer for Town Sections 13, 14 & 19, with no house listed as being present at the time, and the sections having a combined rateable value of just £6.

By the following 1901-02 rating year, the combined rateable value of the three sections increased to £30, with a house now present on the property. The value of the three sections and house remained at £30 for the 1902-03 rating year. However, by the following 1903-04 rating year, Town Section 19 was listed separately, two houses were noted as being present on the section, and the rateable value had increased to £52

The second house on the section was probably located on the site of present 4 Weymouth Street, and appears to have been removed prior to 1950, as only 6 Weymouth Street is present in a 1950 aerial photograph. It is currently unclear if the present villa was the first or second house constructed on the section, although it was certainly constructed sometime between late-1901 and early-1903.

In late 1909, the lease of Town Section 19 was transferred from Robert Todd to William Fenwick McAllum, then from McAllum to Alexander Reid, and then from Reid back to McAllum.

See: Taranaki Herald, 10 December 1898, page 2; Taranaki Daily News, 9 October 1909, page 1; DP1323

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