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An attractive Frank Messenger designed double-bay villa on the corner of Gill and Brown Streets

2 Brown Street 2017

2017 View: By Hamish Crimp

Constructed in 1902, this corner villa was designed by prominent New Plymouth architect Frank Messenger, whose home was located nearby at 118 Gill Street.

A permit was granted .....

Additions were carried out in 1909, with a permit granted by the Borough Council to Ewing on 6 February 1909 - R. W Bond was the architect/builder, and the estimated cost was £55.

The home is located on part of Town Section 202, and is notable for its prominent turett - although this is a later addition.

Until recently this area of New Plymouth had a relatively high proportion of surviving villas and cottages, however these homes are rapidly being demolished and removed - significantly reducing the character and aesthetic values of older city fringe residential areas. 

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Mr Ewing's Villa, 2 Brown Street (1902)

City:New Plymouth