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This corner villa was constructed around 1898 for Joseph and Mary Freeth

18 Morley Street 2017 from St Aubyn Street

2017 View from St Aubyn Street: by Hamish Crimp

The home was likely constructed in 1898, with Joseph John Freeth listed in Stones Street Directories as living in this location on St Aubyn Street from 1899 until 1901. 

In July 1899 a "well-built, new, comfortable dwelling-house and outbuildings situated on corner section 78 South Road (now in the occupation of Mrs Freeth)" were listed for sale (see linked article) - this is thought to be the current villa at 18 Morley Street. The home didn't immediately sell, as the 1900-01 New Plymouth Borough Council Rating Book lists Mrs Freeth as the ratepayer for Town Section 78, with a house noted as being present on the section, and the property valued at £30. In 1907, a home on the corner of South Road and Morley Street was listed to let by Mrs Freeth.

In 1900-01, the Freeth's purchased Town Sections 730 and 731 on Vivian Street, and subsequently had a number of villas constructed - they lived at present 53 Vivian Street, and rented out the other homes (including present 47 and 49 Vivian Street). 

18 Morley Street 2017 (side view)

2017 View: By Hamish Crimp

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