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Despite its modern facade, this building has a history stretching back over one hundred years

13-15 Devon Street East 2017

by Hamish Crimp

The original section of this building is thought to have been constructed in the early 1900s. Originally the building had a wooden facade clad in rusticated weatherboard, with five single-pane double hung sash windows. 

The building fell into a poor state of repair, and around 1989 the facade was entirely rebuilt and the building extended at the rear. The facade was once again altered, and the building completely refurbished in 2013 for new tenants BNZ. 

The only clue that this building is of an earlier date is the roof - the current roof profile matches that shown in 1940s aerial photographs, and the ridgeline can be seen peeking above the current facade, which is lower than the original facade. The very front of the roof has been altered to accommodate the lowered facade. 

For many years local firm Hughson's Hardware occupied the building - see linked photograph in Puke Ariki collection.

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