Topic: Lawson's Cottage no.2, 92 Lemon Street (circa 1896-1897)

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92 Lemon Street 2017

2017 View: By Hamish Crimp

This attractive villa is thought to have been constructed during 1897, and certainly before 1898, when it appears in a photograph of New Plymouth taken from Fort Niger (also present is neighbouring 94 Lemon Street).

The eastern portions of Town Sections 1604 and 1629 were owned by Jonathan C. Adams between 1879 and late 1896, and remained vacant during his period of ownership - rate books for both 1894-95 and 1896-97 confirm no dwellings were present on the sections at start of these rating years. 

In November 1896 the sections were purchased by Mrs Mary Lawson, and both this house and 107 Pendarves Street are thought to have been constructed soon after. The purchase by Lawson is noted in the 1896-97 rate book.

The home is characteristic of mid 1890s New Plymouth villas, with the shape of the front gable window, and above roof profile notable features. 

See Taranaki Land Deeds Index I3, page 546

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Lawson's Cottage no.2, 92 Lemon Street (circa 1896-1897)

City:New Plymouth