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149 Vivian Street is one of New Plymouth's largest surviving homes originally clad in vertical board and batten, and was probably constructed around 1864

Woon House 2017

 2017 View

Woon House was built by Mr John Veale for Garland William Woon around 1864. The home was originally clad in vertical board and batten, with "slated roof, lead capping and guttering, lined and ceiled with kauri timber and papered, with every convenience...".

The property also had "... a two-stall stable and loft, cow shed, pig stye, and poultry house and yard; a shrubbery, planted with a choice selection of trees and plants; a kitchen garden fenced with palings, well stocked with fruit bearing trees... and meadows laid down in prairie and English grasses".

Woon arrived in New Plymouth in 1852 and was the first owner of the Taranaki Herald. He left New Plymouth for Wanganui in 1867 and the house was sold at this time.

Woon's House c1885 (Puke Ariki collection) 

Circa 1885 View: Puke Ariki Collection

The home retains much of its original character, including many original six-paned double-hung sash windows. However, the home is now clad in plaster, the roof in blue tiles, and faux window shutters have been added. 

The current property incorporates Part Town Sections 337 and 363, although originally occupied a much larger area, some of the original property was leasehold land. 

History of Town Section 337 & 363:

337 granted to Thomas Kebblethwaite at unknown date; 363 granted to Charles Ibbotson in October 1857.

Both sections leased to 'Gray' from February 1858 until October 1863.

Both sections sold to 'Parris' in June 1862.

Both sections sold to 'Woon' in February 1864.

Both sections sold to 'King' in March 1868.

Both sections sold to 'Bayley' in January 1870.

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