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This board and batten cottage was constructed between 1860 and 1863 by William Allen, a Mangorei farmer who returned to the relative safety of New Plymouth during the Taranaki Wars. The house was originally constructed in the centre of New Plymouth, probably on at the western end of Gill Street, and shifted to its present location in Pendarves Street about 1863.

89 Pendarves Street 2017

2017 View: By Hamish Crimp

This renovated board and batten cottage was constructed by William Allen sometime between 1861 and 1863. The house was originally located in the centre of New Plymouth, probably at the western end of Gill Street, and was shifted to it's present location following the end of the major conflict of the Taranaki Wars. During renovations, a fragment of The Illustrated London News, dated January 22 1859, was found within the walls. The building is also clearly present on Skinner's 1880 map of New Plymouth.

89 Pendarves Street from 1991 NPDC Heritage Study 

1995 View of cottage before renovations: NPDC Heritage Study

The home was extensively renovated in the late 1990s and early 2000s, with an extra bedroom and ensuite developed in a first-floor addition. The wooden double-hung sash windows present in the 1995 photograph (unlikely to be original), have been replaced with aluminium joinery in a similar style. The construction of a garage in a style sympathetic to the original cottage has somewhat obscured the western end of the cottage from the street. The cottage is constructed in a similar style to other mid-nineteenth century New Plymouth cottages clad in vertical board and batten - for example, Devonport Cottage (relocated to Mangorei Road), and Fishleigh Cottage (Aubrey Street). 

Hirst Family Houses (Puke Ariki collection) 

Pendarves Street, with 'Hen and Chickens' and eastern side of 89 Pendarves Street at far right

 Courtesy Puke Ariki Collection, not to be reproduced without permission

The original recipient of the Crown Grant for section 1624 appears to have been Lady E. Bulteel in 1858. The first transactions in the land deed register for the section (both recorded in 1872), are a conveyence from C. Walker (probably Charles Walker) to Lowndes (probably Joseph Lowndes) in June 1862, and a conveyence from Lowndes to William Allen in April 1863. Allen appears to have owned the section until 1890, when ownership passed to Oliver Marshall via Deed of Gift. Oliver sold the property to M? Grayson in July 1893, with Grayson retaining ownership until 1920, when the property was subdivided, and the section with the cottage sold to 'Cook'; Cook retained ownership until at least 1929, when the property title was issued under The Land Transfer Act.

Allen, William & Prudence 

William and Prudence Allen: Puke Ariki Collection

William Allen was a farmer at lower Mangorei on the old Hospital Road, who moved into town following the outbreak of war in 1860. After moving to town, William and his family first lived in Moon's house on Brougham Street, and then in Cunningham's House. A short time later Allen constructed a house on a section in Gill Street.

In 1863, Allen purchased Town Section 1624 on Pendarves Street, and soon after had the Gill Street house moved to the property by bullocks - this forms the original portion of the present house at 89 Pendarves Street. At the end of the conflict, Allen is thought to have returned to farming at his old farm at Mangorei - his original home was one of the few to survive the wars as a Maori had been accidently killed there, and a tapu placed on the property (note that some sources state Allen never returned to Mangorei - further research required). Allen was the pound keeper at Mangorei for some years.

It appears William may have returned to the Pendarves Street property in the 1880s, as he advertised for a 'servant girl' at Pendarves Street in 1880, and Prudence died at the home in 1889. In 1890, soon after his wife's death, he sold the property. William died in 1893, and both William and Prudence are buried in Te Henui Cemetery.

William and Prudence Allen Headstone, Te Henui Cemetery 2018 

2018 View of William and Prudence Allen's headstone, Te Henui Cemetery: By Hamish Crimp 

See Taranaki Land Deeds Index I5, page 72

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