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Shaw Cottage

                                                            (Puke Ariki collection PHO2007-139) 

This cottage was located near the corner of Gill and Currie Streets - where the New Plymouth Post Office building now stands.

It's an example of a very early prefabricated house. The cottage was transported in sections from England aboard the Regina in 1841. It was erected by Mr J. Shaw, a passenger on the Amelia Thompson, which had arrived a month before the Regina.

The cottage withstood the pressure of the inner city development for nearly one hundred years before being demolished in 1938. The final occupier was Mr Shaw's daughter, Miss Lydia Shaw.

Prior to its removal informal discussions were held regarding a proposal to move the house to Brooklands Park. The historical significance of the cottage was recognised and the idea was to site the building near the Gables as part of a "heritage precinct".

However close inspection of the house revealed that little remained of the original structure. Built in England of Baltic Pine, it was discovered that this had mostly been renewed with native timber. It was therefore decided to proceed with the demolition to make way for the new Post Office.

As it turned out the city would have to wait a long time for the new Post Office to be built. 

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