Topic: Round House and Square House (1852-1938)

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Round House 

The Hirst family endured a six month voyage to New Zealand aboard the Gwailor in 1852. They brought with them a pre-fabricated  single storey octagonal house - the Round House.

A second storey added in the 1870s as well as a "square" section added on the side. They were erected on Devon Street, town section 917.

In the 1890s the Round House was occupied by Mr and Mrs Batten. They are thought to be the grandparents of aviatrix Jean Batten. Contrary to some reports Jean Batten was not born in the house.

In 1905 the houses were shifted by Mr William Courtenay to a section on Courtenay Street - approximately where the carpark is in front of the Warehouse building.

Both houses were demolished in 1938.

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