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Tangahoe Valley Road, Hawera

Tangahoe Stream Bridge 

Tangahoe River Bridge

Photograph: 2017

"In 1937 a new bridge was built over the Tangahoe River on the Tangahoe Valley Road replacing a structure that had been destroyed by floods. It has an arch span of 24.2 metres. This is an interesting bridge, the deck passing through the arch about mid-point, with the legs of the arch anchored into the abutments in a visually impressive manner. This is known as a half-through arch. The bridge was designed for the Hawera County Council by the PWD [Public Works Department] to give a 2.4m clearance above the highest recorded flood level."

(From: Thornton, Geoffrey, Bridging the Gap, 2001, p283.)


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Tangahoe River Bridge - 1937

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