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Bridge Street, Eltham

Eltham Field Gun

10.5 cm Leichte Feldhaubtze [Light Field Howitzer] Nr 7279

Trophy German field gun distributed by the Government to Eltham Borough Council after World War I.

The gun was buried at Taumata Park in 1938 and retrieved in 1983 (see Stratford Press article in Documents below)


Text on Heritage Trail Sign

Eltham Field Gun

German Leichte Feldhaubitze L.F.H.7279

Gifted to Borough of Eltham by the New Zealand Defence Forces 15th Feburary 1920 from the British Government in recognition of New Zealand's contribution to World War One 1914 - 1918.

Once sited in Taumata Park beside the grandstand. The gun was buried in 1938. Found and recovered 45 years later (October 1983). Replace on display in Feburary 2005.

Manufactured by: Krupp Industries, Germany.

Bore: 10.5 cm (4.125 in) Weight. 1500 kg (3310lb) Range. 10.25 km (11210 yd)

[Caption for photograph on sign]

Vickers Boys "manning" the gun at Taumata Park in the late 1930s

Left Neil vickers

Right. Peter Vickers

Below. Sam Vickers

Restoration funded by Eltham Community Board and T,.S. B. Community Trust

War trophies were distributed to many New Zealand communities  after the World War I. Cities received siege guns (New Plymouth), medium-sized townships - field pieces or trench mortars (Hawera, Manaia, Stratford, Eltham, Inglewood) and machine guns to even smaller places (Opunake, Patea).

Many of these weapons were destroyed during World War II when the prospect of invasion by Japanese forces was very real. Several south Taranaki machine guns were later recovered from a well at Kakaramea in the 1980s and Inglewood's German trench mortar (minenwerfer) was displayed for many years on the war memorial but disappeared without trace some time in the late 1960s.


Further reading about New Zealand's Artillery Heritage

Great Guns - The Artillery Heritage of NZ.

Cooke, Peter & Ian Maxwell, 2013


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German Field Gun - World War I

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