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Pioneer Park, Breakwater Road, Moturoa

Pioneer Memorial

 Obelisk unveiled on 31st March 1911 to commemorate the landing of the Plymouth Company ships at New Plymouth, 1841-43.

Monument  Text


To mark the locality

Where the Pioneer Settlers landed

from the following Vessels


Brougham  14th Febr 41

 William Bryan :  31st Marh 41

Amelia Thompson: 3rd Sept 41

 Regina : 3rd Oct  41

 Oriental : 7th Novr 41

 Timandria [sic] 24th Febr 42

 Blenheim  : 7th Novr 42 [sic]

Essex  : 23rd Janr 43

Unveiled 31st March 1911

Note the incorrect spelling of “Timandra” and the wrong date of arrival for the Blenheim.


The Plymouth Company

In 1841, on the beach that formerly existed below Otaka Park, the first of the setters to the “new” Plymouth landed. The Plymouth Company, an offshoot E. G. Wakefield’s New Zealand Company, was formed in January 1840 to provide a settlement for emigrants from Devon and Cornwall. The site for the town was selected by surveyor, Frederic A. Carrington, who arrived from Wellington aboard the Brougham in early 1841.

 It was only those on the first two of the Company vessels who landed at Ngamotu. Later arrivals anchored off the mouth of the Huatoki Stream in central New Plymouth and passengers were lightered ashore.

William Bryan ………….             arrived 31 March 1841

Amelia Thompson ………   arrived 3 September 1841

Oriental …………………       arrived 7 November 1841

Timandra ……………….         arrived 23 February 1842

Blenheim ………………...    arrived 19 November 1842

Essex …………………….      arrived 20 January 1843

A seventh Company vessel, Regina, carrying stores arrived on 3 October 1841.

The Plymouth Company, itself, collapsed financially in 1842 and was subsequently merged with the more successful New Zealand Company.

The memorial was erected in 1911.

In 1996-7 the monument was moved a few metres to allow Westgate port development, the area landscaped and seven additional plaques on the history of the Moturoa area were installed. (see Topic below)



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Pioneer Memorial - 1911

City:New Plymouth
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