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The present building on this site was constructed in stages during 1921 and 1947-51, although the site was earlier occupied by three timber cottages constructed for Mr James Phair during 1881 and surviving until demolished in 1921. 

The first portion of the present building to be constructed was the rear reinforced concrete portion of the present structure on the site, which was designed and built by contractor John Wilson Tong. Covering an area of 10,850 square feet, the utilitarian building, principally contained within two large gables, contained eight “up-to-date” sample rooms, five of which were able to be opened up into a single large room. A large storage area was also located at the rear of the building, along with an office with telephone and toilets for the use of travellers and customers.

Sometime between 1947 and 1951, a large extension was made to the front of the original sample rooms. This new addition comprised four gables at right angles to the extant structure, with a facade incorporating some stepped Art Deco/Modern detailing on the parapet. The building was occupied by the Egmont Tourist Motors Ltd for much of the second half of the twentieth century, with the firm also occupying the building to the immediate north of this one.

The building is scheduled to be demolished to make way for the new Hawera library and cultural centre, Te Ramanui o Ruapūtahanga.

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Hawera Sample Rooms/Egmont Tourist Motors Ltd (1921/1947-51)