Forces in German Samoa at the outbreak of war


I. Schutztruppe There were no Schutztruppe on Samoa. II. Police Samoa's police force consisted of one German officer with 25 native police and a ceremonial paramilitary guard (known as the Fita Fita) who numbered about 30. They had one out-dated ceremonial artillery piece that took half an hour to load and was fired once a day from Apia harbour. III. Navy Although warships of the German navy called in on Samoa regularly, there was no standing naval presence there. IV. Reservists The few German civilians on Samoa were not called up to fight as no resistance was offered to the entente's clearly superior power. The First World War in German Samoa With such limited defences at his means, the German governor Dr. Schultz-Erwerth was under no illusions as to his ability to defend the colony against as serious entente invasion. Indeed his orders from Berlin were simply to negotiate with any aggressors. When a 1,400 strong New Zealand invasion force arrived off Apia on 29th August 1914 with back up from British and French warships he negotiated a surrender without a shot being fired.

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