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War Memorials - Taranaki Wars
There are a number of memorials to the casualties of the Taranaki Wars from 1860 to 1869. They range in time from the 1860 cenotaph to Lieut Charles Brooke at Waitara and the 1866 57th Regiment in Henui Cemetery to the 2002 Katikara Battle memorial and the 2008 roadside memorial at Pukearuhe.
Many of the monuments date from the early 20th century when the, then elderly, ex-soldiers convinced the Government and local authorities to commemorate their comrades. Several acknowedge Maori dead - such as those at Mahoetahi, No 3 Redoubt and the Katikara Battle.
Note: The spelling of some surnames can vary between monuments.

 Taranaki Wars Memorials


  1. National New Zealand Wars Memorial, Marsland Hill, New Plymouth (1909)
  2. 57th Regiment, Te Henui Cemetery, New Plymouth (1866-67)
  3. 40th Regiment, McLean St.,Waitara (1915)
  4. Brady's Grave / Warea Military Cemetery (1867) Stent Rd, Warea (Indivdual)
  5. Charles F. Brooke, Denis Jackson and 40th Regiment, McLean St, Waitara (1860-61?)
  6. Charles Broughton's Grave, Memorial at Whanganui (1866?), Grave at Patea Cemetery (Individual)
  7. Ohawe Cemetery, Ohawe Beach, Hawera (1907)
  8. Armed Constabulary and Patea Field Force, Manaia Octagon (1886)
  9. No 3 Redoubt Cross (Huirangi Cross),Waitara Road (c1910/1941)
  10. Mahoetahi Cross, Mahoetahi, Junction SHW 3 and 3a (c1910/1941)
  11. Taumaha Reserve Cross (Puketapu Cross) Corbett Road, Bell Block (c1910/1941)
  12. George Patterson, Frankley Road, New Plymouth (Individual)
  13. John Hurford, SH 43, Omata (Individual)
  14. South Taranaki Wars, Normanby Domain (1912)
  15. Te Ngutu o te Manu, Ahipaipa Road, Okaiawa (1886/1890)
  16. Turuturumokai Redoubt , Turuturu Road, Hawera (1929)
  17. Katikara Battle Memorial, St George's Redoubt, Lower Pitone Road, Okato (2002)
  18. Militia and Volunteers, St Mary’s Cathedral, New Plymouth (1892)
  19. Mahoetahi Memorial, St Mary's Cathedral vicarage grounds
  20. Moturoa Battlefield, Braemore Road, Waverley (1993)
  21. Stephen Roebuck, Okato Cemetery (Individual)
  22. Waihi Cemetery, Pikituroa Road, Normanby (1912)
  23. New Zealand Wars, Queen's Park, Whanganui (1892)
  24. Warea Military Cemetery / Brady's Grave (1867) Stent Rd, Warea (Indivdual)
  25. William Cutfield King, Beaumont Ave, New Plymouth (Individual)
  26. White Cliffs Monument, Henui Cemetery, (1870 -71)
  27. Whiteley Memorial, Pukearuhe, 1916, (Individual)
  28. Whiteley Memorial, Pukearuhe,1923 - demolished October 2006 (Individual)
  29. White Cliffs Memorial, Pukearuhe, (2008) 
  30. Taranaki Prisoners' Memorial  Wellington (2000)
  31. Battle of Waireka Plaque, Omata (1958)
  32. Memorial to Maori Casualties, Cathedral Church of St Mary (1972)


Military Hatchments 


 Pakeha Military & Civilian Deaths -Taranaki Wars - North & Coastal Taranaki:1860-1869.

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Pakeha Military & Civilian Deaths -Taranaki Wars - South Taranaki/Whanganui:1865 -1869.

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