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This villa was constructed in late 1885 or early 1886 for William Wyllie, and was advertised for sale as part of the bankrupt estate of Wyllie in March 1886 - the interior of the house was still unfinished at the time. 

4 Broadway Waitara Bankruptcy Sale, TH, 3 March 1886, page 3

Taranaki Herald, 3 March 1886

Whilst the home has been altered, the original structure is largely intact, and some internal features remain, including solid wood doors with rim locks - almost identical to those in the 1887 portion of New Plymouth Hospital demolished in 2017.

The home was sold in October 2017.

As a pre-1900 building, any alterations to the villa, or earthworks on the section, may require archaeological authority from Heritage New Zealand. 

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4 Broadway (circa 1885-86)