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Urenui Town Hall (Former) 2019

2019 View: By Hamish Crimp

This building was constructed in 1892 as the Urenui Town Hall - It served this purpose until 1991 when a new community centre was constructed.

A concert and dance was held on the night of July 7th 1892 to celebrate the opening of the hall.

In 1981 the Clifton County Council purchased the hall from the Urenui Hall Society for use as a community centre, however it was no longer required for this purpose following construction of the new community centre in Takiroa Street in 1991.

In 1993 NPDC approved the sale of the hall and property to Christopher and Lencie Thompson of Waitara for $20,500; it was stated that if this transaction was not completed the building would be sold to the next highest tenderers, Donald and Leslie Chapman, for $20,000. At the time Mr Thompson stated the building may be used for a recycled furniture business, although if that did not work out then he was considering demolishing the the old hall.

Thankfully the building wasn't demolished and was later converted into a private residence. The building operated as a bed and breakfast for a time, with 'The Old Town Hall Cafe and Tea Room' opened in the building by owner Joanne Watson in 2017. 

See: Taranaki Herald, 29 June 1892, page 3; The Daily News 14 December 1993, page ?; Taranaki Daily News, 19 December 2018, page 1

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Urenui Town Hall (Former), 23 Ngakoti Street (circa 1892)