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This includes the Whitecliffs Walkway (road).  It also includes the Maori Pa promontory.  The Maori name for this pa site is KATIKATIAKA PA.


1 February 2003  

Tongaporutu Coastline - Whitecliffs walkway


This is part of the Whitecliffs Walkway looking south towards White Cliffs and Mt Egmont.



7 April 2004  

Tongaporutu Coastline - looking south down Tongaporutu coast from Gibbs' property


From atop a hill further along from the Old Man Puriri Hill, I photographed the Maori Pa that separates Beach Two from Twin Creeks and White Cliffs.  I had especially humped my 300 mm telephoto lens up the hill for this purpose.  Also included was the White Cliffs Walkway.  Below me on the road I could hear laughter and chatter from a party of approaching school children.  I waited for them to finally appear in the bottom of the frame of the photo, and for the light to be right.



6 November 2005

As I set up on the Maori Pa promontory, a helicopter flew past.  I waited for it to fly out of the viewfinder.  There had been a lot of helicopters flying up and down the coast this afternoon.  They were searching for the downed helicopter which had carried liquor baron Michael Erceg from Auckland, and Gus Klatte of Dutch brewery Grolsch International.


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