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This includes the Whitecliffs Walkway (road), the Locked Gate and the Pipeline.  The Maori name for the large reef down on the beach is TUPAHAU.


30 June 2003  

Tongaporutu Coastline - sea spray visible from farm track near Gibbs' Fishing Point


This section of the Whitecliffs Walkway is near the Locked Gate.



7 March 2004

At the pipeline, I saw a man in his togs gathering mussels.  We had a short chat, at which time he said that he was staying with the Gibbs.


8 March 2004  

Tongaporutu Coastline - coastline from hills above Beach One 


Before doing cliff sequencing up at Te Kawau Pa, I climbed up the hill above Beach One and took several photos.  This one looks north and shows part of the Whitecliffs Walkway.


13 June 2004  

Tongaporutu Coastline - Beach One


While on the reef I came across a man who was fishing.  He and I were making the most of a beautiful mid winter’s day.



16 October 2005

While waiting for the tide to recede enough to allow access to Beach Two, three fishermen came down to the beach via the stream track at the Pipeline.  They headed towards the reef.



1 January 2006  

Tongaporutu Coastline - the locked gate


I drove along to the locked gate and had lunch.  The wind was howling, causing the sea to froth up like infuriated soap suds.  Three shorn sheep were using the wooden fence as shelter from the wind and the muted sun.



27 September 2007  

Tongaporutu Coastline - Beach One


I had arranged to take Adam Buckle, a fellow photographer, up to Beach One as he hadn’t accessed this part of the Tonga coastline before.  Adam converts some of my analogue trannies to digital and also does some canvas prints for me.  He is a computer whizz, especially with regards to Photoshop etc., whereas apart from the basics, I am a bit of a dumbo with regards to computers.

Adam had half a bottle of coke for his liquid refreshment and some chewy energy bars.  I had brought up two sandwiches, a vegemite cob, a flask of tea, and two containers of water.

Upon arriving at around 1.30 pm, I introduced him to Parani Gibbs.  We then went to the MacKenzies.  I popped in to say hello to Carol.  I had been meaning to visit for some time.  Mustn’t leave it so long next time.

I photographed along Beach Two while Adam did Beach One.  This was so that we didn’t stuff up each other’s images with footprints in the sand.  Before we got started though, I asked Adam to say “Hi, Adam”, into my tape recorder.  He did exactly that, nothing more!

When we had both almost finished on our respective beaches, I took a photo of Adam atop the large rock just down from the Pipeline.  He was busy photographing looking towards White Cliffs and Mt Egmont.  Adam took several photos of me with his digital camera.



10 February 2008  

Tongaporutu Coastline - above Beach One


As I set up my camera near the locked gate to photograph a large cliff soil bleed, two men drove up.  They got out of their vehicle and conveniently for me, stood on the cliff top.  I presumed they were scouting the reef for fishing prospects later on.


18 August 2008  

Tongaporutu Coastline - Locked Gate



Before I start proper, I have had a new Windows XP reinstalled in my computer, thanks to my neighbour’s friend, Tim, who is a computer whizzo.  I also had Libby Baker come around to give me some more computer lessons.  Computers and I have a topsy turvy relationship.  Currently, touch wood, everything seems to be running smoothly.

I am still recovering from the flu.  This is the fourth week and I am still lumbered with a chest infection that snuk in on the flu’s coat-tails.  Today is a sort of break in the terrible weather we have been having these past few weeks.

I called in to see the Gibbs.  Parani said that there had been massive erosion at the locked gate and that the cliff had cut back to around a metre from the road.  This then was to be my first port of call.

At the locked gate I met up with Brian Griffin of Vector Ltd., the gas pipeline people.  He comes on a weekly basis to record the erosion.  I took two photos of his vehicle and mine looking south.  I then went across to the locked gate and took a photo of my car, Cecilia, and the road looking north.  It shows just how close the cliff edge has come towards the road.


19 September 2009  

Tongaporutu Coastline - Locked Gate


This shows just how close the cliff has eroded back to the Walkway.

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