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This includes the Petrel Colony situated above the beach at the northern end of the O’Sullivans’ farm.



26 October 2003  

Tongaporutu Coastline - fishermen, Rapanui Beach


PHO2008-327, PHO2008-328, PHO2008-329

CLIFF SEQUENCING.  Up at the northern end of the beach, some surfcasters were trying their luck.  There were also a couple of bods hooning around on trail bikes.  The northern end of Rapanui South beach is accessed via the dune next to the Rapanui Stream.  This is my imaginary dividing line between Rapanui North beach and Rapanui South beach.


4 November 2003  

Tongaporutu Coastline - Urenui School pupils, Rapanui


PHO2008-375, PHO2008-1091, PHO2008-1094


At the Petrel Colony, Years 4 and 5 boys and girls from the Urenui School were waiting outside the main entrance.  They were accompanied by several adults, including Wendy Mulligan, one of the teachers.  After the photo shoot, several groups went with Evan to the lookout at a time to look up and down the coast.  The reason the people were broken down into smaller groups was due to the limited amount of space at the lookout.  Also for safety reasons.


19 November 2003  

Tongaporutu Coastline - school projects on petrel colony, Urenui School


Urenui School.  Though obviously not located at Rapanui, it is relevant as being a follow up to the visit to the Petrel Colony on the 4th November.  The reason for my visit was to give them a photocopy of the photo I took of the children at the Petrel Colony.  I also photographed a shell collection they had in the classroom, plus a couple of project pieces they had done.  This included a petrel in a burrow and a diary.



21 March 2004

Some people were on the beach fishing.  Hoof prints showed that a horse and rider had just been there.  A woman walked along the beach.  Her belongings were on some rocks.  A couple of herring gulls were trying to access the contents of her sealed plastic lunchbox.



25 November 2007  

Tongaporutu Coastline - Rapanui South Beach


As I approached the R shaped rock, some people came through the arch on a buggy towing a trailer.  I managed to get a photo of them with the rock stack to the rear before they zipped away down the beach.

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