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18.1.2007   PHO2009-819


I had gone up to photograph Comet McNaught.  As such, this was a planned evening, night shoot.  Before the sun went to bed, I took a couple of standard postcard views, one of which is shown here, looking across the Tonga River.  I didn’t mention in my notes which side of the estuary it was close to.  And with the tide being fairly high, I couldn’t physically tell.  Atmospheric conditions weren’t crystal clear due to smoke haze from the Australian bush fires.  Though the view from the Pilot Point Overlook is stunning, it is not easy to make a stunning photograph of it.



23.6.2007   PHO2011-1005


Stormy conditions coupled with a high tide meant that I couldn’t tell which side of the estuary the Tonga River was on.  It was most likely close to Pilot Point.





The Tonga River.  After all the rain we have been getting, the Tonga River was raging.  Again, I make no mention of what side of the estuary the river is on, but presumably it is still close to Pilot Point.



25.11.2007   PHO2011-1100, 1118-1119


The Tonga River.  The Tonga River is making its way across the estuary towards Mammoth Rock.  It is currently in the middle of the estuary.  Atmospheric visibility was poor due to a high degree of salt spray.  A photo from the Pilot Point Overlook shows the river’s location with White Cliffs barely visible in the background.


According to my notes, this appears to be the start proper of when I methodically began recording which side of the estuary the Tonga River was on, rather than it being mentioned in passing on previous occasions.  As the project evolves, so too do specific aspects of it as things change and my knowledge increases.


The Family of Rocks.  They were entirely denuded of any mussel spat.  The family of rocks looked as if they had been completely buried by sand until quite recently.  The sand level is quite high.  The outer members of the rock family fronted a temporary lake.





The Tonga River.  Just to contradict what I said on 25.11.07, I don’t say in my notes what side of the estuary the Tonga River is on!  However, this is probably because I was documenting the Three Sisters and Four Brothers beaches.  Excuses!  The only thing I mention with regards to the Tonga River is that a muddy/sandy plume extended a fair way out to sea from the Tonga River’s mouth.

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