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16.7.2005   PHO2008-1373


The Tonga River.  The river is now on the Pilot Point side of the estuary.



24.7.2005   PHO2008-1382


The Tonga River.  The river remains close to the Pilot Point side of the estuary.


The Family of Rocks.  At the family of rocks, I stepped onto one of the rocks to check on the surges that came in on a regular basis.  (Surge not to be confused with single waves coming in; rather, surges came in over slightly longer time-frames).  One surge came in and almost topped the fairly low rock I was standing on.  I felt the rock move.  The family of rocks appeared jumbled up.  If the one I was on shifted fractionally, then I am sure the larger ones do too, especially under storm surge or storm bore conditions.  They most likely move around on a small axis due to the counter-balancing effect of out flowing river and incoming sea water.





An ALPHA STORM was in progress.


The Tonga River.  From the cliff-top on Gibbs’ farm, looking down on Mammoth Rock and across to Pilot Point, the river was in full spate.  A huge log that resembled a beached whale had beached itself in the shallows fairly close to Pilot Point.





The Tonga River.  While having lunch at the Tonga Reserve, I noticed that the Tonga River was now flowing outwards close to Mammoth Rock.  In July it had been close to Pilot Point.  I assumed the alpha storm observed on 19.9.05 shifted the river’s course.





The Tonga River.  Upon arrival at the Gibbs’ barn just above the Three Sisters beach, I noticed that the Tonga River was over on the Pilot Point side of the estuary.  While I had a mug of tea, a large dragonfly flew around like a miniature helicopter.


11.12.2005   PHO2008-1534


The Tonga River.  The weather was hot, sultry and cloudy.  Clouds were boiling up in the sky, much like tropical monsoon weather, such was the intense heat and humidity.  From the Pilot Point overlook, the Tonga River was still hard over to the Pilot Point side of the estuary.  A substantial sand bar had built up immediately south of it.  Mammoth Rock, the Three Sisters and White Cliffs, plus storm clouds are shown.


The Family of Rocks.  The Tonga River flowed right through the family of rocks.

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