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For the most part, the caves on Beach Two are unspectacular, consisting mostly of smallish, blind caves.  There is one large, open blind cave which I finally got around to photographing on the 16th October 2005.







23.1.2004   PHO2008-602, 604, 607, 611, 645


CLIFF SEQUENCING.  These images show some of the blind caves on Beach Two.  PHO2008-611 shows the location of the large, open blind cave with an arch at its northern entrance, but nothing of the cave itself at this stage.  The cave shown in PHO2008-645 is at the southern end of the beach close to the Maori Pa promontory.  This is the boundary that separates Beach Two from Twin Creeks.



7.3.2004   PHO2008-713


This image, near the northern end of Beach Two shows a shelf type cave forming at the base of this rather formidible cliff face.







16.10.2005   PHO2008-1469-1471


All of these images were taken down towards the southern end of this long beach.  PHO2008-1469 shows a couple of forming arch type blind caves.  PHO2008-1470 is a close-up view of one of them.  PHO2008-1471 finally shows the quite large, open blind cave and its surroundings.  White Cliffs is shown to the right of the frame.







27.9.2007   PHO2011-1061


Some of the small forming blind caves on Beach Two.


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