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  Uruti Road Tunnel -South Portal  The Uruti or Kaka Road tunnel was constructed between 1916 and 1923 and it links the two roads through a steep ridge. It is
Not really in Taranaki but ..... .... provides foot access to the beach near the end of Waikawau Road at Ngarupupu Point. The tunnel - to allow stock access to Nukuhakere
"Water Drives" are usually found in the mudstone (papa) country of inland Taranaki. They are short tunnels under roads which re-route streams and allowed the old watercourse to be filled and
  Whangamomona Road Tunnel #1 - Northern Portal There are two tunnels on a spur near the Arnold Stream on the Whangamomona Road - a four-wheel drive/quad vehicle access only down
Whangamomona Road - Whangamomona to Aotuhia