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  Kiwi Road Tunnel - South Portal Completed in 1915 the tunnel is sometimes known as the Eastern Kiwi Road tunnel. (See location map in Documents below)
Makahu Tunnel - West Portal Constructed in 1907. The timber lining had decayed by 1919 and was replaced by the present concrete pillars. In a major upgrade in 1998, the floor
Moki Road Tunnel  - West Portal Sometimes known as the Western Kiwi Road  tunnel. (See location map in Documents below)  
Moki Tunnel - South Portal, 2005  The following text is from the Stratford District Council's Heritage Register: The Moki Tunnel was one of five tunnels proposed by Joshua Morgan
The Mt Messenger tunnel was opened in 1916 as a single lane 'Gothic arch' structure. By the late 1970s it had proved too small for large vehicles so was enlarged to it's present