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Tunnel Hill Scenic Reserve, SH 43 (River Road), Aukopae.
   Not really in Taranaki but ..... we have to go through it to get north! The tunnel is cut through the 25 million-year-old Oligocene limestones of the Te Kuiti Group.
 Wilfred G. Grayling farmed both sides of the sharp ridge near the top of the Tarata Saddle. To enable him to get his cows to the western block he dug a
    Huinga Tunnel - South Portal After an initial drive in 1893, the Huinga Tunnel was completed in 1895. (See location map in Documents below.) The following is from
  Kiore Tunnel  - South Portal Excavated in 1910 the tunnel gave access to the Stratford area for Matau residents instead of their previous route - to Inglewood via Purangi. (See