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Lower Newell Road 

In the 19th century several land surveyors were busy mapping the Taranaki region. Many of them are remembered in the names of the roads they plotted. Stuart Newall is one. However, surveying was only one of several activities he undertook when he decided to live in New Zealand.

He was born in Scotland in 1843. In his twenties he headed for Otago, to mine for gold. That he worked the rest of his life indicates he had about as much success as many of his contemporaries.

He joined the Armed Constabulary, serving in several locations around New Zealand and being involved in a number of significant campaigns. These included Parihaka in 1881, after which he was to acknowledge his favourable impressions of Te Whiti.

It was during his time in Taranaki that the region benefited from another of his skills. He surveyed much land in coastal Taranaki. He was skilled at exploring the bush, cutting new tracks and road making.

Late in his military career he commanded a contingent of New Zealand soldiers to South Africa as part of the Boer War.

Retiring from active service, Newall returned to civilian life as manager of the Commercial Travellers’ Club in Wellington for a few years. Colonel Stuart Newall died in 1919.

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Newell Road (TDN 10/08/2019)