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Elliot Street (Inglewood) 

It’s not too often that world events change local street names. Elliot Street in Inglewood is probably one such case.

In 1937, old-timers in the town could still remember when it was called German Street. It’s been suggested that because of events in Europe in the later 19th century and Polish immigration to New Zealand, the name German Street was no longer acceptable. The street was renamed.

Peter Elliot arrived in Taranaki on the Amelia Thompson in 1841 and built a successful life as a farmer. A well-respected man, he was elected to represent the province on the region’s Provincial Council. These councils, dividing New Zealand into six areas, were a short-lived form of local government. In the 1870s they were abolished, but Elliot spent the rest of his life working hard for the community. He died in 1883, at the age of 66.

Just to the south of Elliot Street is Trimble Park, one of Inglewood’s earliest sports grounds. As the town grew more space was needed and locals started using a section of land beside Elliot Street. Eventually that land was purchased for a sports field and further developed by members of an athletics club.

It was originally known as Inglewood Domain and although records are unclear, it’s most likely the ground was renamed Jubilee Park in 1925, to recognize Inglewood’s 50th jubilee.

In 1954 more fields were levelled and developed into what became Carnival Park.

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Elliot Street - Inglewood (TDN 26/01/2019)