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Rosendale Avenue 

New Plymouth grew rapidly in the 1960s and Spotswood was the centre of much of the development.

One of the new streets, Rosendale Ave, was developed in two stages. In the early 1960s it was a short no-exit street off Ngamotu Rd, coming to a dead end just past Lydford Place. Houses near the intersection were set back from road and a traffic island was built, allowing cars to turn at the end of the street.

A small shop, with parking out front, was built beside the traffic island. The traffic island still exists but the shop has since been replaced by two small units.

Only later were survey plans drawn to extend Rosendale Ave to join with Ngamotu Rd. The extension, along with nearby Rospeath Cr, developed only slowly over the following years as the demand for property began to fall.

One of the landowners who sub-divided the property through which the road passes was Robert Hoyle. A well-known New Plymouth businessman, he hailed from Lancashire and Rosendale Ave was named after the area he was born.

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Rosendale Avenue (TDN 12/08/2017)

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