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  Around the beginning of the nineteenth century,  Ngatata-i-te-rangi of Te Ati Awa and Whetowheto of Ngati Ruanui had a son at Pukeariki who they named Wiremu Tako Ngatata. Better
  This street got its name from an old estate established and owned by Captain Henry King's son, William Cutfield King. King named the estate after a little village and
    Woolcombe Terrace in New Plymouth is a misspelling of Woollcombe. Thomas Woollcombe Esq. was Managing Director and Secretary to the Plymouth Company.  He was also a solicitor and
     Wrantage Street was named in 1948 to recognise the contribution of James Bellringer to New Plymouth as mayor from 1889-1893.  He arrived here at the end of the
  On the face of it, this name would seem to have a link to the north of England, but again it is taken from a street with the same