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Welcome to the Taranaki Street names basket.  This basket contains articles that appear in the Taranaki Daily News, "Word on the Street" column every Saturday.  The articles are compiled by staff in the Taranaki Research Centre at Puke Ariki.   If your Street isn't here, please contact us.

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Domett Street.

Domett Street

At first glance, residents may think early town planners were keen to economize on street names in central Waitara. Today, several streets are split into two distinct parts; a north and south or an east and west. It was the railway line and the expanding Waitara freezing works that were to change Domett Street.

The freezing works was sited close to the riverbank. It could only expand towards the west, away from the river. Both Queen Street and Domett Street were blocked off to allow the expansion.

Rosendale Avenue.

Rosendale Avenue 

New Plymouth grew rapidly in the 1960s and Spotswood was the centre of much of the development.

One of the new streets, Rosendale Ave, was developed in two stages. In the early 1960s it was a short no-exit street off Ngamotu Rd, coming to a dead end just past Lydford Place. Houses near the intersection were set back from road and a traffic island was built, allowing cars to turn at the end of the street.

A small shop, with parking out front, was built

Young Street.

Young Street 

Young Street in central New Plymouth dates back to the earliest days of European settlement. It was one of the names chosen by the surveyor Frederic Carrington and is a tribute to a director of the New Zealand Company.

George Frederick Young was born in 1791, the son of Vice-Admiral William Young and his wife Ann Curling. He became a leading figure in the shipbuilding firm, Curling, Young & Co., and developed an interest in colonization. He was also elected to the Parliament of the United Kingdom

Riemenschneider Street .

Riemenschneider Street 

When the township of Manaia was surveyed in 1877 it was laid it out in a very deliberate grid pattern. Riemenschneider Street is one of the only roads running east to west that does not have a Maori name.

Johannes Friedrich Riemenschneider arrived in New Zealand in 1843, aged 26. We know a lot about his life here thanks to the work of Professor Peter Oettli, a specialist in medieval German literature. In the course of his research for a biography of Riemenschneider, Oettli translated a vast

Boon Lane.

Boon Lane 

In the late 1800s survey maps show there was a small fire-house and bell on Devon St, close to the intersection with Gover St. A right-of- way is also pictured nearby. Eventually the fire-house was removed and replaced by commercial buildings, but the right-of- way remained.

One of the businesses that would become prominent in the area was Boon Brothers Ltd. The New Plymouth building firm was founded in 1895 and went on to construct commercial and residential buildings in New Plymouth for many years.

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