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Taranaki Street Names


Welcome to the Taranaki Street names basket.  This basket contains articles that appear in the Taranaki Daily News, "Word on the Street" column every Saturday.  The articles are compiled by staff in the Taranaki Research Centre at Puke Ariki.   If your Street isn't here, please contact us.

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Weka Street.

Weka Street 

Weka Street, at the end of Fitzroy Road, lies adjacent to a southern boundary of the Fitzroy Golf Club. Today it's a short no exit street, but it wasn't always intended as such.

The street is shown in survey plans as early as the 1890s. They were drawn up for Mr. William Courtney, a land owner in the Fitzroy area. Weka Street is shown as unformed, still only a proposed road.

It wasn't until 1920 that the New Plymouth

Calvert Road.

Calvert Road 

In the 1840s the Wesleyan Missionary Society purchased land at Ngamotu. Today we know the area as the 'Whiteley Leases'. The eastern boundary was formed by a road subsequently named after a missionary called Calvert.

Reverend James Calvert was born in England in 1813 and dedicated his life to the Wesleyan missionary movement. He spent many years in Fiji and later South Africa, only visiting New Zealand in his latter years. Importantly, his fellow missionaries in New Zealand thought so highly of him that

Stafford Street.

Stafford Street 

Stafford Street is named after Edward William Stafford, Premier of New Zealand on three separate occasions between 1856 and 1872.

Born in Edinburgh on 23 April 1819, Stafford was a keen sportsman in his youth, excelling at horse riding, distance running, swimming and boxing. Attracted to the warmer climate, he left Scotland arriving in Nelson in January 1843. Widely read and interested in the events of the day, Stafford was involved in community and national politics.

He was a

Ngamotu Road .


Ngamotu Road

Ngamotu, meaning 'the islands', is the Maori name for the area of New Plymouth around Paritutu and the Sugar Loaves. Connecting the port to the main road around the coast, it's appropriate that Ngamotu Rd traverses such a large part of this area.

It was noted on early survey plans, although for many years it was a poorly maintained dirt road through farmland. In the early 1900s metal was laid down, but, controversially, only at both ends where the few

Lupton Street.

Lupton Street 

Lupton Street, located off Weraroa Road in Waverley, is named after Isaac Lupton. He was born at South Stainley, Yorkshire, England on 29 June 1834 to Isaac and Mary Lupton (nee Goodman).

He arrived in New Zealand in the 1860s. Isaac Lupton settled in Otago and Blenheim, before moving to Wairoa, (now known as Waverley).

The town's name was officially changed to Waverley in 1876 to avoid confusion with other towns called Wairoa. Many of the area's early settlers

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