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Taranaki Street Names


Welcome to the Taranaki Street Names basket. This basket contains articles that are published in the Taranaki Daily News' "Word on the Street" column.  The articles are compiled by staff in the Taranaki Research Centre I Te Pua Wānanga o Taranaki at Puke Ariki.  If your street isn't here, please contact us.

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Botany Place.

Botany Place 

Botany Place runs off Belair Avenue in Blagdon and was named after Captain James Cook’s first landing site in Australia, Botany Bay. Cook was navigating his way up the east coast of the continent, then known as ‘New Holland’, on the HMS Endeavour when he put ashore at the bay on 29 April 1770.

He initially used the name Stingray Harbour in his log because of the enormous number of stingrays his men caught (and enthusiastically devoured) whilst anchored there. The entry for 6 May 1770 records

Elliot Street (Inglewood).

Elliot Street (Inglewood) 

It’s not too often that world events change local street names. Elliot Street in Inglewood is probably one such case.

In 1937, old-timers in the town could still remember when it was called German Street. It’s been suggested that because of events in Europe in the later 19th century and Polish immigration to New Zealand, the name German Street was no longer acceptable. The street was renamed.

Peter Elliot arrived in Taranaki on the Amelia Thompson in 1841 and built a successful life as a farmer. A well-respected man, he

Buchanan Place.

Buchanan Place 

Buchanan Place in Hāwera is one of the few streets in the district named after a local woman.

Janet (Jessie) Buchanan was born in Australia in 1868 and moved to Hāwera in 1878 with her parents. After her father died she moved into town with her mother and sister. They built a home at 301 South Road, where she lived until she died in 1966.

Jessie was a wealthy woman, inheriting money from her father and uncle. She was a generous benefactor and her support helped the

The portion of Broadway between McLean and Whitaker Streets was re-named Memorial Place in 1959 to reflect the nearby location of the Waitara War Memorial (1923) and War Memorial Hall (1959).

The First World War memorial was unveiled by Lieutenant-Colonel C.H. Weston on Anzac Day 1923. The high granite cross, originally painted white, was mounted on a stepped and balustraded stone-and-concrete platform. One face of the cross’s base was inscribed, ERECTED / BY THE CITIZENS / TO THE MEMORY OF THE MEN / OF WAITARA / WHO GAVE THEIR LIVES IN / THE GREAT WAR, / 1914-1918. The names of

Richmond Street.

Richmond Street 

Most of the original streets in Inglewood were named after prominent Taranaki people of the 19th century. One such man was Henry Robert Richmond.

Born and educated in London, Richmond travelled to New Zealand in 1851. His early years were involved in politics, culminating in his 1865 election to lead the Taranaki Provincial Council. At the time these were the local government bodies responsible for public facilities.

They were short-lived political bodies however.  So, at the age of 40, Richmond went to Nelson and studied law, qualified

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