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This basket provides information and images of the many churches that are found in Taranaki. While some have remained unchanged for many years, others have been significantlly altered. There are also those that have been moved onto new sites or in some cases demolished.

For any further information please contact staff at the Taranaki Research Centre in Puke Arki.

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St Patrick's Church 1993.

St Patrick's Church 1993 

The present St Joseph's Church in Hawera was opened by the Bishop of Palmerston North, the Most Reverend Peter Cullinane, on 19 December 1993.

The architect was Bruce Dickson and the project cost about $1.3 million.

St Joseph's Church 1928 (Hawera).

St Joseph's Church 1928 (Hawera) 

This church replaced the 1887 building and was designed by the well-known architect Frederick de Jersey Clere. The builder was J T Julian and Son (Manager F W Whitaker).

The foundation stone for the large church was laid on 18 March 1928 and it opened later that year on 9 December. The total cost was about £22,000.

By the 1960s shortcomings in the building were proving a liability for the local congregation. Repairs to the masonry and the complete replacement of the leaking windows cost £20,000.

In 1984

St Joseph's Church 1887 (Hawera).

St Joseph's Church 1887 (Hawera) 

This was the second Catholic church built in Hawera and was opened on 12 June 1887.

The architect was Thomas Turnbull from Wellington and Mr G. Syme, of Hawera, built the church for the contract price of £760.

It was replaced by a larger building in 1928. Located on Victoria Street, the same site as the present Catholic church.

Baptist Tabernacle (Puke Ariki collection).

Baptist Tabernacle 1976 (Puke Ariki collection) 

This Baptist Tabernacle was erected in 1913 on the corner of Liardet and Lemon Streets. The section was donated by one of the congregation, Mr G.H.Maunder.

The ferro-concrete exterior was modelled on the Auckland Baptist Tabernacle (still standing in upper Queen Street) which in turn had been influenced by the design of the Metropolitan Tabernacle in Southwark, London.

A building permit was issued for the church on 14 December 1912 and the estimated cost was £1,000.

The foundation stone was laid by Rev.F.Hale on 27 March 1913 and it was opened for

Baptist Church (cnr Liardet and Gill Streets).

Baptist Chapel/Grundy's Service Station 1974 (Puke Ariki collection)  

New Plymouth's first Baptist Church (or Chapel as it was first known as) was erected on the corner of Liardet and Gill Streets in 1868. A brief report in the Taranaki Daily News on 27 March 1913 suggests Mr Taylor was the architect and builder.

The foundation stone was laid on 11 March 1868 by the Rev John Whiteley. It was followed by a collection to raise funds for the chapel.

As the congregation grew it was decided that a larger building was needed and in 1913 the Baptist

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