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Located near the end of Ronald Street, Strandon House was one of New Plymouth's early grand homes


Strandon House, The New Zealand Graphic, 05 January 1910

"Strandon" the residence of the late Archdeacon Cole (NZ Graphic, 05 January 1910)


Strandon House was located at the end of Ronald Street, near present day numbers 5, 6, & 7. 

The grand home was constructed in 1882 for William Bayly, with the architect being Henry J. T. Edmonds - tenders for the home were called for in August 1882. A substantial refurbishment was undertaken in 1917, when the building was converted into a boarding house for New Plymouth Girls High School. 


Tenders for Strandon House, TH 15 August 1882

Taranaki Herald, 14 August 1882

William Bayly and his family lived at the home for some years, before shifting to Henwood Road - Strandon was subsequently rented by A. Southey Baker and his family until 1901, when the property was sold to Thomas Kingwell Skinner. In 1902, Skinner sold the property to Mr McIntosh, who subdivided the property, resulting in the formation of Ronald Street.  

From about mid 1903 until early 1908, Strandon was the home of Archdeacon Cole and his family - an auction for the sale of the Cole's household furniture was held in March 1908; Strandon was also listed for sale, although it is unclear if it sold at this time. 


Strandon House circa 1890-1900, Magic Lantern Slide

Circa 1890s-1900s view of Strandon from Magic Lantern Slide: Hamish Crimp Collection


The building appears to have been demolished around 1955 - Puke Ariki holds a number of images of the building in a dilapidated state prior to its demolition.

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Strandon House (constructed 1882 - demolished circa 1955)

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