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Located near the end of Ronald Street, Strandon House was one of New Plymouth's early grand homes


Strandon House, The New Zealand Graphic, 05 January 1910

"Strandon" the residence of the late Archdeacon Cole (NZ Graphic, 05 January 1910)


Strandon House circa 1890-1900, Magic Lantern Slide

Circa 1890s-1900s image from Magic Lantern Slide - Hamish Crimp Collection


Strandon House was located at the end of Ronald Street, near present day numbers 5, 6, & 7

The date of construction is unknown, although based on it's style the house probably dates from the later decades of the Nineteenth Century - possibly built in several stages, and with a substantial refurbishment undertaken in 1917, when the building was converted into a boarding house for New Plymouth Girls High School. 

The building appears to have been demolished around 1955.

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Strandon House (circa 1870s-90s)

City:New Plymouth