Lemon scented backhousia Song NPB_1900-1920 Xylotoles griseusLonghorn beetles Saltash Street Bracket fungi Rosa wichurana Dawson Street Leucanthemun vulgare forelegs Tradescantia fluminensis Nematocarus trilobum Coniopterygidae Golden tickseed William Allen Large leaved Kingdom: Plantae (unranked): Angiosperms (unranked): Eudicots (unranked): Asterids Order: Gentianales Family: Gentianaceae Genus: Centaurium Species: C. erythraea Binomial name Centaurium erythraea Rafn Synonyms Erythraea centaurium Centaurium minus Centa 75 Brougham Street F A Bennett Commonwealth Weed Town Section 197 Cosgrave & Co. Soulangeana Black-lyre White pine Orocrambus apicellus NPB_Waiwaka Terrace Irirangi Common wasp Christopher Bond white basket fungus Bait Station Spotted spurge domatia Taupata Member. Te Henui Ameletopsis perscitus Daddy longlegs spider A.F.Sandford Sissinghurst White Town Section 357 Short tail bat pig rooting Brixton Chatham Island groundsel Cassinia vauvilliersii Dracaena fragrans Janet Craig Green Tree Lichen Lycium ferocissimum 1971 Flood Brian Sharrock Olearia cheesemanii Cabbage tree caterpillar Stinking hawksbeard Empire/Victoria Building Livingston Baker Brugmansia Genus Fitzroy Parish Sanguinary Plumed tussock 211-215 Devon Street East 10 Woolcombe Terrace Mount Moturoa Registration Number 893) under the Historic Places Act 1993 Male Monarch butterfly 77 Eliot Street broom rust fungi 60 Young Street Maicoa Verbena officinalis British Celmisia discolor A. McHardy The Gables Scarlet Angel’s Trumpet