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  It has been written in council records that Gladstone Road was named “after the Right Hon. W.E. Gladstone, who at the time this road was marked off, was Secretary
This pair of two-storied semi-detached villas were designed by notable New Plymouth architect Frank Messenger for land agent William Courtney in 1902-03 - although in their current state they are
This large building was opened in 1908 for the Taranaki Education Board. The building was designed by the Education Board's architect James Sanderson, and was originally single-story - an extra
Little is known about the history of this large home, although it may have been constructed for prominent New Plymouth land agent William John Shaw around 1890.
This unassuming two-storied building is one of New Plymouth's oldest commercial buildings, constructed in 1880 for prominent citizen and later Mayor of New Plymouth, Richard Cock Jnr. The building was