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  Aderman Place in Upper Vogeltown was named in 2014 to remember a former New Plymouth Member of Parliament. Ernest Philip Aderman was born about 1895 near Ipswich in Queensland.
2018 View: By Hamish Crimp  Located down a right of way, this cottage was likely constructed for Miss Cowling in 1897, following her purchase of the section in February of
  In December, 1957, a meeting of the Kaponga Town Council was held to rename the streets of Kaponga. Knowledgeable about the history of their small town, they decided Kapuni
  This two-storey building on the corner of Devon Street East and Gover Street was built in 1977 for the Bank of New Zealand. It was designed by Thomson, Buchan
  This small cottage was removed from its site on Brown Street in the early 1990s after a debate as to whether it should be purchased and restored by the New