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2017 View: By Hamish Crimp This home was designed and constructed by its original owner M. Cleland in 1953-54.  A permit for a home at 480 Devon Street East was granted
  Fitzgerald Ave wasn't always named as such. For many years it was called Kaponga Rd. In 1957, the town councilors decided it was time to change the names of
                                                                                           (Calvin Church on the move 26 January 1988, Taranaki Herald) This small Presbyterian Church in Urenui was opened on 23 April, 1924. The Topless family donated the
A permit was granted by the Borough Council to William Henry Taylor on 7 May 1927 for the construction of a house on Lot 4 of Section 77, Darnell Street
A permit was granted to James Edward Rudd on 11 May 1927 for the construction of a house on Part Town Section 1990, Gill Street - George Beamish was the