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    You would be forgiven for assuming that Dorset Ave in New Plymouth was named after the county in England. However, instead it was named after a person, Edward
  William Dawson Webster was born at sea.  He arrived in New Plymouth with his family on board the Amelia Thompson in 1841. His father James was appointed New Plymouth’s
  There are not many Scottish people who don't know any songs or poems by Robert Burns, Scotland's national bard, who gave his name to Burns St. Robert Burns was
  Westown's Massey St was named after New Zealand's second-longest serving leader, William Ferguson Massey. He was born in Northern Ireland in 1856, and his family came to New Zealand
  Rossiter Crescent lies just west of the old New Plymouth Town Belt. It took its name in 1975 from the family who had owned and farmed the land which