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  Whalers Rise is a short cul-de-sac near the junction of Barrett Road and Omata Road. The street was formed in the 1990s, however its name has links to the
  The subdivision application that resulted in Bronte Place, St Ives Grove and Tiverton Crescent in Whalers Gate was submitted by D.S. Garrett in 1973 and the three street names
"Hosking House" is one of New Plymouth's oldest and prettiest villas. It was designed by architect P. G. Smith for W. Shephard in 1894, and was originally called "Holmwood"
2018 View: By Hamish Crimp This home started life in 1894 as one of three similar villas constructed on Victoria Road between Pendarves and Gilbert Streets - extensive renovations were
The first St. Patrick's Church was built in 1880/81 on the seaward side of the present church. It was replaced by the church above, which was designed by architect Patrick