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Of all the many streets in Stratford named after Shakespearean characters, only one is named for the bard himself. The town’s connection to William Shakespeare (1564-1616) began from the earliest
John Horne was born in Bedfordshire, England, in 1865. He was the eldest of nine boys in a family of twelve children. After Horne left the local village school, he
  Bowen Crescent is an Ōpunake curiosity. It’s in two separate parts. Neither is shaped like a crescent. How did this come to be so? Much of the land immediately
Bowen Crescent, Opunake
This attractive villa was constructed for New Plymouth land agent and chairman of The Taranaki County Council, Walter Bewley, in 1894.  Marian Susan Bewley, Walter's wife, purchased part of Fitzroy