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  Hoyle Place, near Sanders Park in Westown, was once known as Bracken Street. Unsurprisingly, there was always a bit of confusion about the northern and southern – upper and
  New Plymouth grew rapidly in the 1960s and Spotswood was the centre of much of the development.One of the new streets, Rosendale Ave, was developed in two stages. In
  The village of Lydford in England stands near a gorge and the River Lyd. It was established as far back as the 10th century. The short, no-exit street of
  Young Street in central New Plymouth dates back to the earliest days of European settlement. It was one of the names chosen by the surveyor Frederic Carrington and is
  When the township of Manaia was surveyed in 1877 it was laid it out in a very deliberate grid pattern. Riemenschneider Street is one of the only roads running