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  In December, 1957, a meeting of the Kaponga Town Council was held to rename the streets of Kaponga. Knowledgeable about the history of their small town, they decided Kapuni
  Aderman Place in Upper Vogeltown was named in 2014 to remember a former New Plymouth Member of Parliament. Ernest Philip Aderman was born about 1895 near Ipswich in Queensland.
  Some may have thought this might have a French connection, but alas, no. It is again attributed to the Kelsey family. If you recall the Doralto Road origin (see
  Located in the heart of Frankleigh Park, Govett Avenue originally ended at its intersection with Woodleigh Street. However, a large residential subdivision in the early 1970s extended it to
  Paora Road is located just past Puniho Pa, 40 minutes drive south-west of New Plymouth on Surf Highway 45. It is a popular place for surfers looking for good