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  The village of Lydford in England stands near a gorge and the River Lyd. It was established as far back as the 10th century. The short, no-exit street of
  Ngamotu, meaning 'the islands', is the Maori name for the area of New Plymouth around Paritutu and the Sugar Loaves. Connecting the port to the main road around the
  The availability and standard of housing is shaping up to be one of the most important issues in the upcoming general election. In the early 1970s New Plymouth was
  On 3 December 1975 the Taranaki Herald printed a letter from two New Plymouth residents who signed themselves, "Dorset Davie and Dora". The couple were upset that a nearby
  Some may have thought this might have a French connection, but alas, no. It is again attributed to the Kelsey family. If you recall the Doralto Road origin (see