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Dartmoor Ave is closely linked with nearby Dorset Ave. Edward Dorset, an early settler, owned a block of land in Westown known as Dartmoor and named after the moorland in
  Weka Street, at the end of Fitzroy Road, lies adjacent to a southern boundary of the Fitzroy Golf Club. Today it's a short no exit street, but it wasn't
  In the 1840s the Wesleyan Missionary Society purchased land at Ngamotu. Today we know the area as the 'Whiteley Leases'. The eastern boundary was formed by a road subsequently
  Mission St is a short street in Moturoa, off South Rd between Bayly Rd and St Aubyn St. Herbert Mullon wrote a history of the Grey Institute lands. Mission
  Whiteley St sits in the heart of an area once known as Whiteley Township. In 1840 the local iwi, Ngati Te Whiti, sold 36.5 hectares (90 acres) of land