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                                                            Puke Ariki collection (A66.389) Tisch Avenue runs off Bulkeley Terrace down to the Todd Energy Aquatic Centre and the Kawaroa Park playground. It was named after Gustave Gardener Tisch,
Marco School, near Whangamomona, opened in 1898 with 37 pupils. Before the school’s location was decided, a survey of the area was done by Lewis Sladden. To him went the
Surf Highway, Kaupokonui
The Glenn Road Weir was constructed in 1941 as a replacement to the for the original weir (1900) to drive a turbine that powered the Kaupokonui Dairy Factory, store and
  The purchase of 9778 acres, known as the Grey Block, in 1848 for £380 was greeted with delight by European settlers desperate for more land. Mangorei Rd was one