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The name waiwaka is referred to in botanical texts eg Vegetation of Egmont National Park and Beever's plant names and various centennial publications.
Richard Rundle went into partnership with a fellow voyager on the Amerlia Thompson: the  miller Sam Oliver. They built the Alpha mill, the first flour mill in New Plymouth. Rundle
The Fireman in the photo is Alan Corry, a permanent Fireman at the New Plymouth Brigade at the time. Fireman Corry had been in the basement attempting to rescue Deputy
Many thanks for contacting us. I have made the changes to this record and have adjusted James Pearce's page to include Grace and their children. You are most welcome to join
Grace was born in 1812 in Ashwater, Devon.  She married John Medland on 11 February 1841 in Holsworthy, Devon not long before they boarded the Amelia Thompson. So far I