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Hello there I am interested to see this discussion of Liardet.....Can you tell me where you found the photo of him? I have not had any luck tracking it down
I think that there are three more in your pipeline ? Please advise if you have not receivrd them Lial
English farm research indicates that scarecrows only scare crows. Other birds are happy to perch on scare crows of the Worzel trpe. As a farmer I could suply you with
As the word "scarecrows"  should do exactly that they scare crows need to check the bird population.    Locally there  are no crows. So really we wouldn't know         Lial Bredin
So scarecrows do not keep other birds from the crops? Was Worzel's job to keep crows away.  What damage would the crows have done? Did other people find Worzel irritating?