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So scarecrows do not keep other birds from the crops? Was Worzel's job to keep crows away.  What damage would the crows have done? Did other people find Worzel irritating?
Hello out there,   Carolina Liardet was my 3xgreat grandmother (among her many descendants) and I have just found your site.  The photo of her is new to me and
My apologies if I have approached this incorrectly .. however I believe I have some dates to enter for William Liardet, brother of Francis Liardet (1798 to 1863). It seems
Do you know who the first ever person to play or invent a musical instrument was?? It'll be interesting to find out...
I like your notes on the analysis of Richard C's diary Joel. I suppose the crashing onti the rocks would have kept the boat builders busy in NP, fixing the