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W.H.Jury's White Hart Livery & Bait Stables c1900

These stables in Queen Street, pictured in the early 1900s, have some historical interest owing to their connection with the White Hart Hotel and as providing a stark contrast to the present building on this site, the Len Lye Centre. On the right is the Primitive Methodist church erected in 1862 and demolished in 1904, dating the photograph to before this date. 

Advertisements for the 'White Hart Stables' appear in the Taranaki Herald as early as 1867. In 1894 advertisements in the Herald advised that W.H.Jury had taken possession of the White Hart Stables (from R.H.Honeyfield) and that his former partnership with J.W.West had been dissolved.

On 24 August 1908 W.H.Jury petitioned the local council for kerbing & channeling and footpath repairs in front of his stables, "for a distance of half a chain", due to the poor condition of the road. 

It's not known when the business closed, but with the arrival of the motor car and trams not far away, it was a dying trade.

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