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This attractive corner bay villa was constructed by builder Robert Coleman during 1902-03 - originally located at present 217 Gill Street, the house was relocated to its present Wairau Road site in 1980.

In late July 1902, Newton King reported the sale of Lots 19 & 20 of the 'Pines Estate' to builder Mr Robert Coleman, "who intends to at once erect thoroughly up-to-date residences thereon". 

A permit was granted to Coleman by the New Plymouth Borough Council on the 12th of November 1902 for the construction of a 'cottage' on Town Section 1696 (should be Section 1996) - Coleman was listed as the architect, and the estimated construction cost was £475.

Soon after completion the house was purchased by John W. Wilson.

In June 1979, the then owner of 219 Gill Street (Ian Arthur Lehndorf) purchased 217 Gill Street. The Lehndorf's wanted to expand their garden, and this required the removal of the house on the property (this villa). After beng purchased by Mr Brian Wickham, the house was relocated to its present Wairau Road location during In November 1980. 

See: DP1820; Taranaki Herald, 29 July 1902, page 2

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